Kid Reviews

Reviews from My Pen Pal, Santa’s  first public audience (i.e.: Ava’s 4th grade classmates)

“I like how the book started from Ava writing letters to Santa and how some of the letters are really real!” — Cole

“I like the part where Ava asks Santa a bunch of questions and he answers all of them.” — Scott

“I enjoyed how each month something different happens.” — Chris

“I want to buy the book and read it to my brother. He’s three.” — Kiana

“My favorite part is when Ava loses her tooth.” — Caroline

“The book makes me think about Christmas Eve.” — Sydney

“I like that the letters are funny.” — Devon

“Your book has made me think about writing my own book.” — Jack

“You’ve inspired me to write letters to Santa no matter the time of year.” — Noah

“The ending is really great!” — Josh

Here’s the book jacket, back and front:

Book jacket