Santa Stationery For a Letter To (or From) the North Pole

My Pen Pal, Santa illustrator Jennifer A. Bell has created a downloadable sheet of festive paper. Print one sheet or several!

Write to Santa with stationery from "My Pen Pal, Santa" CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

For a handwritten letter

1. After downloading the file to your computer, print as many copies as you need.

For a typed letter

1. Download and print a sheet of the letterhead.

2. Place a printed sheet of letterhead in your printer, placed so the type will appear on the illustrated side.

3. On your computer, format a Word or similar document with margins set for 1.7″  at top, bottom, left and right.

4. Select a font of your choice. Type your letter. Print!

2 thoughts on “Santa Stationery For a Letter To (or From) the North Pole

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  2. Thank you MaryAnne and Goodreads with Ronna. I’m quoting your review on the book’s homepage and I’ve tweeted and Facebooked the link to your blog! I appreciate your kind words.– Melissa

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